wirhalh skip Felagr


"I would highly recommend Wirhalh Skip Felagr their enthusiasm, knowledge and organisation are extremely impressive... All of our visitors were totally engaged with the many and varied activities and displays on offer.
Emma Walmsley, Liverpool Maritime Museum. July 2014.

"The Wirhalh Skip Felagr invaded Ashton Park during the bank holiday and put on a fine show for the public."
The Lake magazine. May/June issue 2014.

"More informative than my trip to the Jorvik centre."
Public comment received at our Upholland Green fayre event. July 2014.

"We learnt more talking to you for ten minutes than we did from watching the entire film."
Public comment received after the live cinema screening of the British Museum's Viking Life & Legend exhibition. April 2014.

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After hours - behind the scenes benefits of Skip Felagr membership.

The public face of the Skip Felagr is strongly related to the costumed educational activities we use to engage the public with the Wirral peninsula's Viking heritage. However whilst this is at the heart of what we do, if you ask our volunteers about what they enjoy most about belonging to our group then their answers will be many and varied. Reenactors often joke that the modern world likes to pigeon-hole people into stereotypes, yet the only thing we all have in common is that none of us fit neatly into society's pigeon holes. Consequently many strong and lasting friendships are formed between volunteers of often radically different age, cultural or economic backgrounds who perhaps would never have met or mixed as social equals were it not for a shared passion for Viking heritage.

Our eclectic and eccentric group of Vikings.
A few of us on a private tour aboard the world's largest
reconstructed longship - Draken Harald Harfagre.

As well as the public events we stage, we hold many private members only social functions, training sessions, craft workshops and occasional experimental archaeology projects whereby we can all get together to share the wealth of expertise and knowledge within our group and learn from one another. We also have our own reference library for those that like a more traditional form of research. This is managed by one of our volunteers who is a retired academic librarian skilled in tracking down that obscure publication or reference you need to answer your question. As several of our members work professionally in various aspects of museum, heritage and educational work we are, from time to time, able to use our contacts to arrange behind the scenes tours or outings to gain first hand access to archaeological finds, museum collections or heritage projects not always accessible to the general public. Membership of the wider society of Regia Anglorum also opens up occasional opportunities to sail in their Viking Longships, join their horsemen/women, feast in a replica Anglo-Saxon longhall, attend their own academic conferences, take part in occasional TV and film work and be part of one of the oldest Viking festivals, held each year in York.

 wirhalh skip Felagr