wirhalh skip Felagr


"On a personal level I'd like to say you were all so organised and easy to work with you made my job an absolute breeze!"
Emma Walmsley, Liverpool Maritime Museum, July 2014.

"Wirhalh Skip Felagr are a pleasure to work with and provide an excellent living history event tailored to suit the venue."
Gina Couch, World Museum Liverpool, March 2015.

"A very big thank you for securing us some Viking reenactors for the official opening of West Kirby Museum ... you kept people entertained and informed all day long."
Elizabeth Davey, West Kirby Museum, July 2013.

"A Viking group - The Wirhalh Skip Felagr, invaded Ashton Park during the bank holiday and put on a fine show for the public."
extract from The Lake magazine, May/June issue 2014.

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Information for Clients and Prospective Clients.


As there is no such thing as a standard event there is no such thing as standard costs, we simply tailor our services to fit the client's needs and budget. However, much of what the Skip Felagr do can be provided for just a few hundred pounds for a weekend, and as an entirely volunteer run non profit making educational organisation our clients routinely tell us our minimal fees (merely to cover out of pocket operating expenses) offer superb value for money.

Payment Terms

Whilst we aim to accommodate each client's administrative/financial circumstances, ordinarily having negotiated a contract the Skip Felagr would usually charge a small upfront booking fee to confirm this and secure the dates in our diary. We will invoice for our services after completion/delivery and this booking fee is deductible from the total cost for those clients that both settle the invoice and complete our brief client satisfaction survey within 28days.

Turnout of Costumed Performers

Please note that although several of our members are appropriately qualified and/or earn their living in related areas of museum work, heritage crafts, performing arts or education we are a not for profit volunteer run organisation dependent upon our members giving up their free time to support the work we do. Consequently unless a client makes special arrangements with us in advance we would neither guarantee an exact turnout of performers, nor specific displays/presentations/activities provided at any event. We simply quote upon a cautious estimate of a minimum turnout offering a balanced mix of activities;- commitments we are sure we can easily meet. To date the highest proportional excess we have had at a small show booked and charged at a rate for just six costumed performers was twenty one, whilst a larger and more recent event booked and charged for eighteen had fifty two in attendance.

Standard Requirements

Naturally we ask that clients consider the advice we offer, listen to the requests we make and show us the basic courtesy and dignity all human beings deserve;- in short if clients expect a professional quality of service from us they must treat us as professionals. At any event we stage we will require access to safe drinking water and clean toilet facilities. Outdoor events would typically require lawns or grassed areas (not hard-standing) on which to pitch our replica tents and set up fireboxes for cooking/crafts. Clients must also accept some of what we do is weather dependent, so certain aspects of outdoor events can only be offered conditionally. With large amounts of bulky/heavy equipment to load/unload from cars/vans we require appropriate access to venues typically 60-90 minutes before an event officially opens, and similarly after it closes, along with suitable car parking for the duration.

Public/Visitor/Student/Pupil Safety

Within our group we maintain strict safety training practices and operate within a clearly defined working area. We do however insist that the marshalling and safety of all our audiences remains the responsibility of the client at all times.

 wirhalh skip Felagr