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Public Displays, Presentations and Activities.

The days of reenactment being nothing more than "beer and bash" with young blokes playing with swords are long gone and it's now very much a research lead educational pastime for the whole family. Within our group our volunteers have a wide range of expertise and reproduction equipment and the character of event we stage can vary considerably from one show to another. There are some topics and displays which can be easily and affordably covered and are therefore common to most of our events, other subjects may be more difficult or expensive to stage, so may be dependent upon the suitability or size of the venue and the available budget of the client hosting the show.

The wic (a period term for a place of habitation) is a term we use for our encampment from which we base all our displays, all of which are presented by enthusiastic and knowledgeable individuals wanting to engage the public with their local archaeological heritage. Unlike some reenactment groups we genuinely view the public as the motivation for what we do, not a distraction that stops us enjoying time with our friends (something we can back up with numerous testimonials). Consequently we actively encourage our audiences to talk to us, take a closer look at what we're doing, ask questions and wherever safe to handle the reproduction equipment and try things out for themselves.

Viking reenactors kept busy by the interested public.
Yet more interested public- we must be doing something right!

Though we could never hope to cover all we know or do on this website, the links at the side of this page do offer a brief snapshot of just some of the topics we might present at one of our events. Irrespective of whether or not a certain subject is being obviously presented at a show feel free to ask about anything you like as we're there for the public. It may well be that the person you are speaking to is quite the expert on that very subject and simply presenting a different topic that weekend by way of a bit of variety in their hobby.

 wirhalh skip Felagr