wirhalh skip Felagr

So you want to join the Wirhalh Skip Felagr?

Whether you want to learn to produce authentic textiles or stand firm with your brothers-in-arms in a Viking shield wall, the Skip Felagr are ready to accept any volunteer keen to learn more and then teach others. Our group spans from toddlers to pensioners, qualified academics and full time heritage craft workers to enthusiastic weekend amateurs! All we ask is that under 18's enrol with a parent/guardian and that everyone shows a willingness to uphold the hard working team spirit and professional attitudes upon which our good reputation has been built.

Join us.
It's not about how much you already know, but how keen you are to learn more.

We encourage anyone with a desire to join us to introduce themselves in person, so take a look at our Events Diary, and come say hello. We can advise on what we'll expect from you, costs of membership and tell you about all the extra activities that take place when we are not staging events for the public. Our new member's handbook covers much of what you'll need to know if you are to join us, and to get an insiders view of what you may be letting yourself in for you can read about the initial experiences of one of our newbies. If you've still got a particular question you can Contact Us via this website, but we would stress that we like to meet, and get to know potential recruits before inviting them to join us, as not everyone is suited to the type of educational voluntary work we do.

Purely for administrative purposes Regia Anglorum divides the country/globe into "Land Grants" with members effectively joining an international society and being assigned to a largely autonomous local area group based upon their home address. The Wirhalh Skip Felagr land grant covers the area around the river Mersey and the river Dee but nevertheless we all work so closely with neighbouring groups that some of the folk you'll most commonly see at our events aren't technically members of the Skip Felagr, and equally you'll see us at other area group's shows in North West England and further afield.

 wirhalh skip Felagr