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"On a personal level I'd like to say you were all so organised and easy to work with you made my job an absolute breeze!"
Emma Walmsley, Liverpool Maritime Museum, July 2014.

"The WSF are good at engaging the public in discussion, add interest to the range of events at our fair and draw in more visitors."
Martin Harrison, Event Organiser and Treasurer, Friends of Ashton Park. May 2015.

"Wirhalh Skip Felagr are a pleasure to work with and provide an excellent living history event tailored to suit the venue."
Gina Couch, World Museum Liverpool, March 2015.

"We were very happy with everything your organisation provided for Priory Tales. You were excellent, flexible and engaged with the audience in a professional way. I would highly recommend you for quality and value for money."
Jamie Greer, Creative Youth Development. Birkenhead Priory, April 2015.

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Other Work.

Although several of our group members do earn their living in related fields of museum work, historical education, performing arts and heritage crafts the Skip Felagr were founded as as a non profit making volunteer run educational organisation whose purpose is to encourage the general public to take a greater interest in and learn more about the Viking heritage of the Wirral peninsula. Naturally each of our volunteers have slightly different attitudes regarding the sort of events which they will give up their evenings and weekends towards supporting, and those events or projects which they feel deviate too much from our educational focus or their own personal interests to freely support.

Viking silver.
For the right financial incentive we will consider any kind of Viking related work
outside of our normal not for profit volunteer run educational status.

Nevertheless, we are contacted by all sorts of people enquiring about bookings for all manner of work ranging from educational workshops at museums, corporate promotional work, TV and film projects, supporting music acts, school visits, publicity at book launches, manufacturing or hiring period replica artefacts, assisting the press, after dinner speaking/lectures, commemorative services at funerals through to providing entertainment at themed weddings and much more. We are willing to take a pragmatic view regarding work outside of our normal educational remit and volunteer status, or which is educational work required during normal "office hours" when our volunteers may have to utilise annual leave or sacrifice a days pay in order to make themselves available. Only a very tiny percentage of what we do could be considered "commercial" work but if we are to spend our time doing something other than fulfilling our educational brief we do insist on charging full professional fees both to cover proper wages and to generate a surplus we can use to fund our regular volunteer based educational work. However even if we don't feel it appropriate to take on some of the work offered, we can often put you in touch with people capable of negotiating their own terms and fees as professionals outside of membership of the Skip Felagr.

So, no matter how odd or unlikely your need for Vikings, take a look at our bookings page and feel free to Contact Us, after all the worst that could happen is we might simply say sorry we're not interested, then again we might not?

 wirhalh skip Felagr