wirhalh skip Felagr


"On a personal level I'd like to say you were all so organised and easy to work with you made my job an absolute breeze!"
Emma Walmsley, Liverpool Maritime Museum, July 2014.

"We learnt more talking to you for ten minutes than we did from watching the entire film."
Public comment received after the live cinema screening of the British Museum's Viking Life & Legend exhibition. April 2014.

"A very big thank you for securing us some Viking reenactors for the official opening of West Kirby Museum ... you kept people entertained and informed all day long."
Elizabeth Davey, West Kirby Museum. July 2013.

"A Viking group - The Wirhalh Skip Felagr, invaded Ashton Park during the bank holiday and put on a fine show for the public."
extract from The Lake magazine. May/June issue 2014.

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Media, Publicity, Press and Marketing.

In addition to occasional performance work for TV and film the Skip Felagr and our members are from time to time also featured in news reports and advertising on-line and/or in the printed press. In most cases this is done to the benefit of and with the prior agreement of all involved.

Naturally we are willing to provide our clients with suitable information, images or interviews to help them advertise services we are providing for them. Also on occasions when Viking archaeology may become topical in the news it is common for media organisations to require an attributable quote, an eye catching photograph or a costumed Viking or two to enhance coverage of a story. So if people ask for assistance we will do what we can to help. However, we would ask others to show a little consideration with regards the following;

Viking shield wall.
An unusual line of defence against intellectual property or copyright infringement?

There have been occasions where, without seeking consent, images of the Skip Felagr have been used to publicise reenactment events or report upon commercial heritage projects staged by other businesses/organisations to which we have no connection. We therefore find ourselves in the embarrassing situation of having no control over the quality of that which through association and implied endorsement impacts upon our own reputation. This seems most common in cases where media organisations seem to keep old images on file for future use or to distribute to other agencies which then get unwittingly used out of context. Indeed quite recently an old image of some of our members was re-used in an especially prominent news feature to report upon the launch of what was claiming to be a nationally important historical project; Not only were we not involved with this we were publically distancing ourselves from it over concerns about it's safety, financial viability, legality and academic credibility (indeed only months later it was shut down before properly getting started). We respectfully ask that all quotes, recordings and images taken of us or provided by us to be used by others are clearly attributed to the Wirhalh Skip Felagr, and that if not directly reporting upon the event at which taken you seek our written consent for use in an alternative context.

In short we are happy to help the media and press, and if you contact us we will do our best to provide assistance specific to your current needs such that you do not need to rely on outdated facts or archived images of forgotten provenance. We're here to promote interest in and educate people about our Viking heritage and so by speaking to us we could make your job a lot easier and your end product more accurate.

 wirhalh skip Felagr