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"It's been a positive experience. There is not one aspect I could fault having brought the topic to life with knowledge and enthusiasm. The children learnt a lot in a fun, hands on way and I would certainly recommend this memorable and educational experience."
R. Kamperman, teacher, Leasowe Primary School, December 2016.

"Our Viking day was fantastic! The children were enthralled by our Viking visitor...They learned so much in one day we will definitely be inviting you back next year!"
Stella Chan, teacher, Redcourt St Anslem's Primary School, June 2015.

"Wow that's well mint!" (in the ever changing world of youth slang high praise indeed!)
Public comment received from a child at our Liverpool Maritime Museum event. July 2014.

"I wish I had discovered your web site sooner!"
Stephanie Hull, teacher, Willaston C of E Primary School. May 2015.

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Invaders and Settlers; KS2 - schools education.

First and foremost the Skip Felagr are a research and educational group whose purpose is to encourage the general public to take a greater interest in and learn more about the archaeological heritage of Viking Wirral, and several of our volunteers do work professionally in related areas of education, archaeology and heritage work. However, as we rely on our members giving up their free time to support our work it can be much more difficult to support/staff our typical size of events during office hours and the school day. However, with a little advance notice we can often arrange to send one or two individuals into schools to do educational visits.

The most important part of what we do - the public we work with!
The most important part of what we do - encouraging others to learn more!

If you are a teacher of history or co-ordinator of the KS2 Invaders and Settlers history module, there is no shortage of websites, video clips, text books and other resources about the Vikings and their exploits available for use in school. We do however believe in the old expression; "Tell me and I may forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I may understand." As such there is no substitute for being able to get up close and personal to touch, feel and smell the past. Within the safe confines of a classroom we will do all we can to authentically bring the Vikings back to life for your pupils, covering not just generic "Viking stuff" but also information specific and relevant to North West England and the local heritage of Viking Wirral. Depending upon budget and our own volunteers prior commitments we may be able to arrange to supply costumed historical interpreters, a wide range of replica artefacts from weapons and armour to day to day necessities as well as a range of activities for KS2 pupils over either a full day or half day, all offering an introduction and overview of Viking Life as part of the Invaders and Settlers topic.

So if you want to bring the Vikings back to life and remove them from the stuffy confines of the text book then take a look at our Bookings page to see what we could do to help you.

 wirhalh skip Felagr