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Wirhalh Skip Felagr brings

Wirrals exciting Hiberno Norse

Viking history vividly to life

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see viking life

as it really was

in Wirrals past

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bringing Wirrals Viking past

to life with exciting

displays of everyday life

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fully immersive living history displays

from extended family farmsteads to

warrior camps and raiding parties

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see the warriors life

both at home and at war

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meet the Viking children

and see how they

lived in Wirrals past

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see how the Vikings

travelled to the Wirral

to live and for trade

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see how the Warriors

defended their Homes from

saxons and other vikings


Wirhalh Skip Felagr in full Viking action

The following images show some of the activites and events that Wirhalh Skip Felagr have taken part in.

  • Film & TV
    Films and documentary work for worldwide production companies.

  • Re-enactment events
    Living Hhistory and warrior displays

  • Universities & museums
    Living history interactive displays.

  • Promotional events
    Adding excitement to launches.

  • Supporting music acts
    Music videos and stage performance.

  • Weddings & funerals
    Wedding surprises and funeral guard of honour


Our members

Claremont Farm, 2021
Bebington, Wirral
Steve Banks
Group Leader & Authenticity Officer
WSF Group Leader & Authenticity Officer Steve Banks - Steve is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge on Viking life and has a unique talent to put across any facts in an interesting and fun way. As well a being Group Leader Steve is also responsible for the safety and training of all combatants participating in any form of battle re-enactment. Steves viking name is Stain... er Svein.
Victoria Banks
Wic Coordinator
WSF Wic Coordinator Victoria Banks - The power behind the throne. As we all know, behind every good man is a good woman and Viki is our group leader's most capable other half who runs our wic (a period term for settlement or encampment). She takes on all those often under appreciated little chores required to ensure the Skip Felagr are all where they're supposed to be, arrive when they're supposed to be there, are all doing what they're meant to be doing once they get there, as well as getting fed and watered as and when they get hungry and thirsty. A thankless task but without her organisational skills we would be lost.
Andy Quick
Publicity Officer
WSF Publicity Officer Andy Quick - Andy is the designer of most of our publicity material and promotional items. When not contacting the press with our latest events and exploits he can be found tending to his land given to him by Jarl Svein with his Soay sheep and Eels. Andvari (his Norse alter ego) still thinks his Jarl was having a laugh gifting him land that is mostly under water twice a day.
Dave Capener
Military Officer & Deputy Publicity Officer
WSF Military Officer & Deputy Publicity Officer Dave Capener - Unapologetically a fan of the Anglo Saxons even within a Viking group, Dave's a keen local history enthusiast, lecturer and a published author on the Battle of Brunanburgh where a large Viking alliance was defeated by his beloved Saxons in 937AD
John Donovan
John Donovan - One of our longest serving members who took a recent career break to return to university as a mature student to take a qualification in archaeology just for fun.
Ele Phelps
Ele Phelps - Ele is our longest serving group member (although she does not look that old)! Ele was raised into the world of Viking re-enactment as it was her father who founded the Skip Felagr in 1998, and so a Viking way of life comes entirely naturally to her. As well as being a great help to Vicki in all Wic tasks Ele can often be found playing Wic adoptive mother to our gaggle of 'authentic' viking children.
Jesse Phelps
Jesse Phelps - It's said we all have hidden talents and that life's challenge is to find them. When Jesse joined us he instantly showed us his passion and skill for detailed wood working. Jesse and Ellie have returned to the WSF fold after a period of time living and working in the fair isles of Orkney. (Lucky things)!
Rick Cutts
Rick Cutts - Rick is a dedicated Viking reenactor belonging to two major reenactment societies. When not on the battlefield protecting his lord he can be seen in his other guise as a Brother trying to convert the Pagan Vikings.
Jacob Quick
Jacob has thrown himself into all we do and is now proudly our Deputy Training Officer. An avid fencer he now uses the same skills to make the other warriors look like amateurs during battles.
Paul Williams
Paul Williams - Paul is another member who has whole heartedly and enthusiastically thrown himself into all we do. He is keen to learn blacksmithing and is building his own smithy in his spare time.
Josh Campbell
Josh Campbell - Josh is a sixth form student who only recently joined the group, after seeing many, many shows in past years. He has a keen interest in norse mythos, runes and combat.
Averil Fountain
Averil Fountain - Averil is a recent newcomer to re-enactment and is thoroughly enjoying being part of the group. It is a complete change from her day job. She has always loved learning about history, as well as sewing and making things. She is currently learning the basics of leathercraft. She never thought 6 months ago she might be making her own Viking turnshoes!
Lesley Dawson Heath
Lesley Dawson Heath - Ive been a reenactor for many years, but I'm new to the wonderful world of Viking reenactment. Ive spun my own wool and taught spinning for around 30 years, I do tablet weaving and have recently started to weave my own fabric. I'm a singer/songwriter/guitarist in modern times, so I've been practicing furiously on my hand made lyre, so I can sing in Icelandic and bore the pants off you all.
Russ Heath
Russ Heath - My favourite form of living history is playing a character for the public. My character is Hross Skelmersson. In the summer is a trader mainly in pelts and amber but also anything else he gets his hands on. In the winter he traps eels and hunts geese on the marshes. He'll fight if he has to but is no warrior. He is widely travelled and dreams of owning his own ship.
Jen Hill
Jen Hill - Bio coming soon
Paul Cottrell
Paul Cottrell - Always had a interest In Viking’s since being a kid and living in Germany for 14 years on and off. Although new to the re-enactment world, he felt at home in the full kit, and is looking forward to learning more about their way of life and crafts.
Shaun Jenkinson
Shaun is new to the reenactment scene and is chomping at the bit to get started, after a disappointing first season, which has been hampered by Covid. His interest has been piqued by a recent visit to the Orkney Islands, where the rich tapestry of archaeology and Viking history has inspired him to learn more about the period. He is keeen to grasp his responsibilities as a thrall and is looking forwards earning his freedom by serving his Jarl to the best of his abilities
Sprocket Wilton
Sprocket (not his real name) is new to re-enactment but has thrown himself into it with gusto. He is thoroughly enjoying battle training and is looking forward to learning a craft, metal or leather work is his preferred choice, but he will eventually go with the craft whose instructor is the most patient.
Conor Stewart
Bio coming soon.
Juliet Stephenson
Bio coming soon.
Phil Stephenson
Bio coming soon.
Sam Williamson
Sam is a keen historical martial arts practitioner who developed a fascination with viking age weaponry and single combat such as the Holmgang. He joined WSF hoping to find like minded people to train with and has been working closely with Dave to bring these lost arts back to life. When not practicing in the arena or standing in the shield wall, Sam can usually be found sleeping in the armoury. With martial prowess as his chosen profession he hopes to rise up the ranks to become a Huscarl in his Jarl's retinue
John Nolan
John first saw the group at Jorvik Viking festival as a tourist on holiday at York. After joining he spent a lot of time shadowing and helping the group members at shows portraying a thrall (slave). Showing great interest in the period, he wishes to learn some of the musical instruments of the time and especially now as a Freeman, learn a craft at some point.
Josh Vella
Josh is a student who is new to the group that found the hobby after spending a little too much on an outfit for a friend’s themed wedding, soon discovering that he enjoys making his own clothing more than what was expected. He cannot wait to dive into more combat training and to start delving into some crafts with wood, with a keen interest to look into how and what the Vikings farmed, fished and possible would have foraged.
Tyler Vella
Bio coming soon.
Liam Taylor
Bio coming soon.
Debbie Dunn
Bio coming soon.
Bleddyn Ap Madoc
Bleddyn Ap Madoc is a member of the Wirhalh Skip Felagr from across the border. He can be seen fighting in his traditional Welsh clothing.
Mark Smallwood
Bio coming soon.
Jonathan Breeze
Ædwine ‘Brezki’ of Bebington
Summoned from the Welsh Marches to aid in Æthelflæd’s reconstruction of Chester, Ædwine moved to Bebington to select and cut lumber for the work. He fell on difficult times, had to sell the tools of his trade, and now finds himself in debt bondage to Jarl Svein - where he is now learning the trade of pottery in order to supply his masters household and the various traders with whom he networks.
He can often be found in the village answering to the name ‘Brezki’, either up to his elbows in mud and processing the raw materials - which can be found in great abundance in his adopted home, or helping out with whatever tasks the master requires.

Do say: Ere Ædwine, there’s some lovely filth down ere!

Don’t say: What’s that Saxon doing hanging round with a bunch of Norse incomers?
Vara Hrolfswiffe
Warwick Wright
Tony Alexander
Saz Sindarin
Alia Banks
Alia Banks - Daughter of our group leader and Wic Mother, Steve and Vicki, who having been born and raised into the world of Viking re-enactment takes it all in her stride and can ofter be found with the boys on the weapons display explaining the weapons to members of the public.
Ant Butcher
Friends of Group
Ulf ‘Saurr Slyngva’ Thorirrson, a small land owner in Thorirs Croft. With links to the North West he was rumoured to be a member of a 3 man hit squad against the native Anglo Saxons.
An ex professional soldier who will still put his skills out for hire. Someone who doesn’t mix his words, ulf is a straight talker of few words.
Strong links with the north west settlers, it is not uncommon to see his shield among a sea of black and white.
When not using the tools of his previous trade, ulf is often found hunting and maintaining the land of his farm passed down from his father.
Adrian Smith
Friends of Group
Adrian Smith - Ady is a great friend of the group and can be found as a guest at most of our events.
Friends of Group
Pete - Pete is a great friend of the group and can be found as a guest at most of our events.
Friends of Group
Kay - Kay is a great friend of the group and can be found as a guest at most of our events.
In Memoriam
Kim Siddorn

Kim Siddorn - Founder and Eolder of Regia Anglorum, 10.12.1941 – 25.12.2015
In Memoriam
Stig Lockett
Stig Lockett - Warrior, Archer, Bard, and extremely talented Craftsman. Beloved husband of Mandy. We knew him simply as our friend and brother in arms.
In Memoriam
Jake was Jessie and Ele's owners, (As lets face it our dogs are in charge). He could often be seen on our wic guarding all the Vikings from the local Saxons. He will be missed by all.
In Memoriam
Mylo was Rick & Bobbis owners, His snuugles, love and happy smiles where famous. He will be missed dearly.