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Wirral Vikings

Wirral Vikings Response to article in Liverpool Echo

Wirral Vikings

We have been made aware the echo have run an article about the two events over the bank holiday weekend of 25th to 27th May 2024.


For the sake of clarity:

We have been using the tag line Wirral Viking festivals and Wirral Vikings since 2020 and have advertised various events as such since then. We have made no issue of the other event using the name they decided to use (even though it was very close to our tag line) and in fact have wished them well. We hope it’s a success as it will draw more attention to the area’s rich history.

It is unfortunate that this has become an issue so close to both shows opening.


From a factual point of view the article is inaccurate, as Wirral Vikings have not organised the event in question, we provide services to the event organiser. This was mentioned to the Journalist but was omitted from their article.

Wirral Viking Festivals – Ashton Park – round up

Wirral Vikings

Ashton Park

Well that was great fun, its always a pleasure to do this event. The members of the public seem to be knowledgeable about their local history which is great and means we don’t have to answer questions like “Did the Vikings have fire?”

The armoury display was rammed all day and those stationed there didn’t stop – big shout out to those who were hoarse the following day. Another nice thing about this event is the interest in the craft and lifestyle displays is just as high. A lot of time and effort goes into these and Wirral Vikings has some very talented people with some seriously high quality set ups.

We trialled something new at this event which we think will become a regular feature of our shows – Ingimunds Saga. We told the tale of how Vikings came to the Wirral with some of the members portraying Inigumds men and the Lady Æthelflæd. The saga was helped by some of the local children who heled simulate the rough seas Ingimund would have encountered on his travels by throwing cups of water at the Warriors. We have some ideas to make this even better… So watch out for it at Brimstage Farm on the 25th, 26th and 27th of May. For more details of that event see our events page.

Announcement – WSF and Regia

Wirral Vikings


WSF are leaving Regia Anglorum in order to concentrate on the activities of their local Group the Wirral Vikings. Both groups wish each other the best in their future endeavours.


This will not affect any events run by WSF

Should you have any questions regarding this please do not hesitate to contact us

Event – Voyage to Valhalla Viking fire festival – Bootle

Voyage to Valhalla Viking fire festival

Voyage to Valhalla Viking fire festival

Lock and Quay Voyage to Valhalla Event.

When we where approached to do a bonfire night event we where more than excited for it, but when the Lock and Quay said they had an actual boat ( that had been used for many years as a seating area but was a bit past its best) to use for a boat burning. Well, how could we say anything but… YES.

When we arrived on the Sunday morning and saw how well the boat had been decorated we where more than impressed, and excited for the festivities later that night. We had a full day of talking to all the attendees about the Viking crafts and displays we had brought along with some amazing questions and people having a go.

As we got closer to the evening we staged a combat display where one of our brave warriors, Bjorn dwarf killer, ‘died’, …so now we knew who was going on the boat!

As darkness fell the attendees gathered at the boat ready for the big event, Bjorn was carried to his final resting place by his shield brothers (including his recently arrived twin brother ….) in a torch lit procession, his shield brothers placed him on the boat in a gentle and loving way (we believe the phrase used now is.. yeeted ).


Our two skilled archers then loosed their arrows at the boat, and the attendees threw their torches on the boat and everyone watched the spectacular boat go up in  flames. This was followed by some spectacular fire fireworks, it was definitely an event to remember.




Images by Kyle May Photography

The Wirral Viking Festival 2024

Wirral Vikings

The Wirral Viking Festival 2024

We have had several enquiries asking if the group are involved in The Wirral Viking Festival taking place at Leasowe Castle in May 2024.

Whilst Wirral Vikings are not involved in the event, we hope it’s a great one and wish the organisers and those taking part the best of luck in making it a success. Wirral has some fantastic Viking and Saxon history associated with it and any event that promotes it is a win for the area.

We do have several events throughout the year on the Wirral and surrounding areas and details of these can be found on our events page https://wirralvikings.org.uk/pages/events/

If you would like to know more about us or are interested in joining us please contact us