Wirral Vikings Response to article in Liverpool Echo

Wirral Vikings

We have been made aware the echo have run an article about the two events over the bank holiday weekend of 25th to 27th May 2024.


For the sake of clarity:

We have been using the tag line Wirral Viking festivals and Wirral Vikings since 2020 and have advertised various events as such since then. We have made no issue of the other event using the name they decided to use (even though it was very close to our tag line) and in fact have wished them well. We hope it’s a success as it will draw more attention to the area’s rich history.

It is unfortunate that this has become an issue so close to both shows opening.


From a factual point of view the article is inaccurate, as Wirral Vikings have not organised the event in question, we provide services to the event organiser. This was mentioned to the Journalist but was omitted from their article.