Wirral Viking Festivals – Ashton Park – round up

Wirral Vikings

Ashton Park

Well that was great fun, its always a pleasure to do this event. The members of the public seem to be knowledgeable about their local history which is great and means we don’t have to answer questions like “Did the Vikings have fire?”

The armoury display was rammed all day and those stationed there didn’t stop – big shout out to those who were hoarse the following day. Another nice thing about this event is the interest in the craft and lifestyle displays is just as high. A lot of time and effort goes into these and Wirral Vikings has some very talented people with some seriously high quality set ups.

We trialled something new at this event which we think will become a regular feature of our shows – Ingimunds Saga. We told the tale of how Vikings came to the Wirral with some of the members portraying Inigumds men and the Lady Æthelflæd. The saga was helped by some of the local children who heled simulate the rough seas Ingimund would have encountered on his travels by throwing cups of water at the Warriors. We have some ideas to make this even better… So watch out for it at Brimstage Farm on the 25th, 26th and 27th of May. For more details of that event see our events page.