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The Wirral Viking Festival 2024

Wirral Vikings

The Wirral Viking Festival 2024 We have had several enquiries asking if the group are involved in The Wirral Viking Festival taking place at Leasowe Castle in May 2024. Whilst Wirral Vikings are not involved in the event, we hope it’s a great one and wish the organisers and those taking part the best of luck in making it a success. Wirral…

Upton Viking Festival

Upton Viking Festival 12/13 August 2023 I think its fair to say that was a good show. The weather held and an estimated 9,000 visitors over the two days came to see the 2nd Upton Viking Festival. Combat displays, various crafting activities and what seemed like endless Kiddie Vike filled the days all resulting in sunburnt, battered bruised but yet happy Vikings,…

Wirral Viking Festivals – Upholland 2023

Wirral Vikings

Wirral Viking Festivals – Upholland 2023 Its looking good for the Upholland event this weekend. We have re-enactors from as far away as Orkney and Kent with the odd Yorkshire man thrown in for good measure. Come join us and see how the inhabitants of the 10th Cent lived and fought at the Greene Fayre at Beacon Country Park, Beacon Lane, Upholland,…