25 Years of Viking Re-enactment on the Wirral

Wirral Vikings

For over 25 years, Wirral Vikings – Wirhalh Skip Felagr – The Wirral Ship Fellowship, have been celebrating Wirrals rich Viking and Anglo-Saxon history.

Through talks & lectures, experimental archaeology and reenactment, the amazing Hiberno Norse history of this peninsulas past has been brought vividly to life. As a research driven organisation we strive to give an authentic view of our past that accurately reflects the latest archaeological finds and theories rather than the myth and fantasy of tv & film.

We aim to make history entertaining and accessible to all age groups and abilities.

Our drive is to offer research based, authentic and engaging educational displays for all ages and abilities, working with local authorities, museums, schools and other organisations. We pride ourselves on the quality of our research which has been highlighted by academics as exemplar and we are proud that we will only display items that we can prove existed with well researched facts.

We constantly re-evaluate against the latest archaeological finds, debating conflicting interpretations and experimenting with researched techniques offering the best representation of the past that we possibly can.


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wirral vikings