WSF – Wirralh Skip Felagr – Wirral Vikings

WSF - Wirralh Skip Felagr - Wirral Vikings

Wirhalh Skip Felagr – The Wirral Ship Fellowship

Merseyside’s leading Viking, Saxon and Norman re-enactment group

Wirhalh Skip Felagr focuses primarily upon the Hiberno Norse Vikings who settled the Wirral in 902AD.

We also portray several other nationalities from the “Viking Period” including:

  • Saxon
  • Dane
  • Brythonic
  • Norman
  • Angevine

Our services include:

  • Talks on the period
  • Educational Visits
  • Combat Re-enactment
  • Craft displays
  • Experimental Archaeology
  • Film Work


To find out more about what we do or to book us for a talk/event etc please contact us